Blokey tip!

After washing your hair...

Never towel rub too much or too hard, you will damage the structure of your hair and end up with a serious case of 'The Seventies', and remember-

'real men always use a conditioner'.

Hairdressing for Ladies, Men & Children

Kingstown Industrial Estate Carlisle




CUT & BLOW DRY £15.00


We also sort out wild eyebrows too,

all part of the service!


Easycut Kingstown Mens hairdressing
Easycut Kingstown Mens Barbers

Appointments 01228 550222

or mobile (daytime please!) 07940 437 640

yet another blokey tip!...

Lunchtimes can be busy so plan ahead and save time...


We know some guys aren't used to making appointments,

preferring to sit on a hard chair for an hour reading an old copy of Angling Times or even worse Gardening Weekly.


All you have to do is call 01228 550222, make an appointment, park at the door and you will be done and dusted without waiting and be back before the boss notices you've gone!


You can call in to the salon on spec; and may be lucky, but appointments save a load of hassle - just cut and paste 01228 550222 - or 07940 437 640 into your mobile contacts and give us a call.


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